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While dealing with her then marital issues, Quinn looked to Clay for support and the two both developed an attraction to each other. Despite this, Nathan asked Clayton not to see Quinn due to all the problems she has in her life saying that she needs time to sort them out and Clayton reluctantly agreed and told Quinn they couldn’t hang out anymore. Clayton withdrew from his relationship with Quinn because he didn’t want to replace his late wife Sara but they eventually made their relationship official when Clayton started to move past his marriage to Sara. Clay and Quinn’s relationship was made official after Quinn helped Clay get Nathan back as a client, forcing Clay to exclaim to Nathan and Haley that he planned on falling “completely and insanely in love with her”. They then moved in and their relationship continued to grow closer and did fall in love. They also overcame stalker Katie Ryan and were both shot, but they got through it and became a stronger couple and more in love. The newly divorced Quinn James , Haley , older sister, came back to Tree Hill, ro spend some times with her younger sister Haley. And they two slowly started a relationship after Quinn moved on after her divorce and Clay from the death of his wife.

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One Tree Hill was many things: a story about brothers, an intense love of basketball, and surviving high school. At times it was far too earnest for its own good, but fans kept coming back for the enduring characters and undeniably over-the-top drama. Even the biggest OTH fan can admit that the series went on several seasons past its expiration date.

I was on a date at a nice Italian restaurant, she ordered lobster ravioli then Following One Tree Hill, the bonds between the stars have stayed very strong. Colletti (Chase), and Shantel VanSanten (Quinn) as some of his best friends. and Clay in real life has been dashed, but they remain good friends!

Subscriber Account active since. When “One Tree Hill” first premiered in September , viewers were introduced to a high school crew they would grow to love for nine full seasons. Lucas, Haley, Brooke, Peyton, and Nathan were a complicated bunch who went from rivals to friends to couples, despite all the issues that came between them. And even when Lucas and Peyton left the series during season six, the show still continued for another three seasons, adding new characters for fans to adore.

Here’s what the cast of “One Tree Hill” has been up to since the show ended in April More recently, he starred in two holiday movies called “Write Before Christmas” and “Love in Winterland” and a film titled “Survive the Night. He’s now married to his “Chosen” costar Sarah Roemer and they have two kids: a son born in and a daughter born in Burton and Morgan have two children together: a son named Agustus and a daughter named Georgia. In , Burton and 17 other women from the “One Tree Hill” cast and crew signed a letter accusing series creator Mark Schwahn of sexual harassment.

Bush made her screen debut in when she starred in “National Lampoon’s Van Wilder. Her other recent credits include “Marshall” and a starring role on “Chicago PD” before she left the series after season four. Bush is politically active and often takes to her social media to promote gun control, women’s rights, and more.

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In recent months, the show has made headlines once again due to allegations that creator Mark Schwahn sexually harassed and psychologically manipulated multiple female cast and crew members. In the wake of those accusations, Schwahn was fired from The Royals. The One Tree Hill cast members have all been busy since the series ended, however. See what the stars have been up to since the finale aired in the gallery ahead.

She starred in Dick Wolf’s Chicago universe as Det. Erin Lindsay from to , and in she performed a voice role in Incredibles 2.

One Tree Hill is a Teen Drama about two half-brothers, Lucas (Chad Michael Murray) and and lives as a loner with his mom and his father’s elder brother Keith (Craig is dating Nathan (Something not lost on Nathan); being dropped into a new Quinn & Clay of all 9 seasons, the only ones who didn’t date more than one.

The show aired from and followed a group of teens from the fictional small town of Tree Hill, NC. Many moved on to star in other TV shows or movies, while others have gone in other directions entirely. While in Tree Hill, he fell for Brooke and they eventually started dating, but it became long distance when Julian left town. After much drama involving crazy parents, long distance, jealousy, and a near-death experience, Julian finally asked Brooke to marry him.

Nichols is also a film buff who spends most of his free time watching movies- at least 20 every week, according to an ex-girlfriend! After Lucas made the high school basketball team, Jimmy felt he was being forgotten by his friends. He was so upset that he brought a gun to school and killed himself.

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It is literally the greatest television show of all time. Not only are the characters and plot amazing, but One Tree Hill has introduced me to a lot of amazing music. This is the first song that you hear in the series which makes it special. I like this song because it is very angsty and really captures Peyton as person before you even know her.

Scene: Logan tells Clay he’s leaving the hospital soon and they talk about how Clay doesn’t answer the of Lauren being pregnant with his child.; Dr. A asks Clay to talk about the actual day when Sarah died. Scene: Quinn runs into David at Clay’s house and they talk about Nathan and their dating lives.

The introduction of his character was extremely important to the show because he was added as a sort-of replacement male lead and best friend for Nathan following the exit of star Chad Michael Murray. Thankfully, Buckley was amazing and fans instantly took to him, helping the show carry on for three more seasons. It is hard to believe, but Buckley is actually still single, but not for lack of trying. He opened up about the struggles of dating in L. I was on a date at a nice Italian restaurant, she ordered lobster ravioli then proceeded to take one, halve it, then quarter it and eat two of the miniature pieces.

Following Robert Buckley on social media is a very good idea. He is always on Instagram and Twitter, and more often that not is posting something funny and the best part is, a lot of the time he is poking fun at his former One Tree Hill co-stars and friends. Buckley grew up in West Covina, California and after high school he decided to go to the University of California, San Diego where he graduated with a degree in economics. He worked for a year as an economic consultant, before leaving the business world to move back to L.

Following One Tree Hill , the bonds between the stars have stayed very strong. Just recently, Buckley and Colletti went on a road trip from Vancouver to L. Buckley got his start in the series Fashion House before moving on with roles in shows such as American Heiress and Lipstick Jungle.

One Tree Hill: Things only adults notice in the show

It’s hard to believe that “One Tree Hill” first premiered over a decade ago. If you had the distinct pleasure of entering your pre-teenage years in the s, you’re likely familiar with the CW soap that featured a group of popular kids trying to break free from the stress of high school and small town life. The show gave us so much: teen marriages, unrealistic expectations, a hard look at the cruel world that is high school sports and a Gavin DeGraw theme song that perfectly described every angst-ridden teenager’s journey to adulthood.

We can never repay the kids of Tree Hill High, but we can take a look back at the show and see what our favorite Ravens are up to now. She eventually got married -— while still in high school -— had two children and by the series finale was happily balancing her budding music career with family life in Tree Hill.

By Kathleen Newman-Bremang. If you haven’t watched the season finale of “One Tree Hill” yet, stop reading this now. Seriously. The following.

After a mini break, One Tree Hill is back with four brand new episodes beginning this Monday, April 26th at 8 p. ET on the CW. We totally love Shantel VanSanten as Quinn James — sister to Hayley, fun-loving aunt to Jamie, and finally girlfriend to super sports agent Clay played by the totally sexy Robert Buckley. So, we jumped on the chance to chat with Shantel all about her life on and off the One Tree Hill set!

Shantal VanSanten: Despite my mother saying I have been destined to be an actress my whole life, I remember being the kid who grew up not knowing what I wanted to do with my life. I went from thinking I wanted to be a nun at one point, to going to college for journalism! I was involved in the arts and theater from early on, but it wasn’t until I took an acting class when I was 17 that I realized how passionate I felt about it. When I got the chance to start smaller acting jobs I realized this is what I wanted to do.

I still have to pinch myself and be thankful that I get the chance to make a living doing what I love. SV: I was so nervous when I started OTH because, with it being their 7th season, they had all worked together forever and were a family. Not to mention two of the show’s core characters were now gone.

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You just can’t help but get totally invested in the lives of half-brothers Nathan and Lucas Scott who grew up very differently: Nathan in the lap of luxury and Lucas with a sweet single mom named Karen. Add in Nathan’s bookworm best friend Haley and BFFs Brooke and Peyton and you’ve got an amazing group of teenagers who soon become the very best of friends.

It was so much fun to watch these characters grow up, fall in love, find themselves, and take care of each other. What was so special about this show is how much the characters love each other. If you wanted to live in Tree Hill, too, that was a pretty common side effect of watching the show. Of course, this show is known for being a bit wild and crazy at times Even though you absolutely love this show and are down for a re-watch any day of the week, even the biggest fans have to admit that there are a few things that are a bit confusing.

From Nathan and Haley to Brooke and Julian, there are countless couples who are totally relationshipgoals and make you swoon with every scene that they’re in. But, arguably, the fan favorite couple is Lucas Scott and Peyton Sawyer.

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