Ever had a chimney cake? This delicious Houston area treat dates back to the late 1700s

Beer is one of the oldest drinks humans have produced. The first chemically confirmed barley beer dates back to at least the 5th millennium BC in Iran, and was recorded in the written history of ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia and spread throughout the world. Though, the ancient Chinese artifacts suggested that beer brewed with grapes, honey, hawthorns, and rice were produced as far back as 7, BC. As almost any cereal containing certain sugars can undergo spontaneous fermentation due to wild yeasts in the air, it is possible that beer-like drinks were independently developed throughout the world soon after a tribe or culture had domesticated cereal. Chemical tests of ancient pottery jars reveal that beer was produced as far back as about 7, years ago in what is today Iran. In Mesopotamia, the oldest evidence of beer is believed to be a 6,year-old Sumerian tablet depicting people consuming a drink through reed straws from a communal bowl.

Stolen Documents Dating Back To Late 1800s Return To San Francisco Church

In fact, Westminster was the second colony in Orange County to be deliberately founded, but in contrast to the first Anaheim , Westminster was not founded by any one ethnic group nor did it center on one product economy; this diversity in culture and trade is still evident in modern-day Westminster. Over the years, Westminster grew from an agrarian community to one with a diversity of land use, including a range of residential neighborhoods, job choices, and recreational amenities.

Webber as the second Presbyterian temperance colony in Orange County after Anaheim. The colony was named after the Westminster Assembly of , which prescribed the basic principles of the Presbyterian faith. The economy was established throughout the 19th century, when the completion of the Santa Fe and Southern Pacific Railroads brought settlers from the east coast, along with immigrants from China, Japan, and Mexico. However, even with growing interest in the region, the population of Westminster was only people by

These systems have patent history dating back to the late ‘s and had their early beginnings in the populated areas of the Northeast. Several inventors from​.

Despite the growth of industry, urban centers and immigration, America in the late 19th century was still predominantly rural. Seven out of ten people in the United States lived in small towns with populations under or on farms in In Indiana, the census reported a population of almost 2 million residents, about 55 per square mile, 1,, men and , women. About three out of four people lived in rural areas.

The “Cult of Domesticity, ” first named and identified in the early part of the century, was solidly entrenched by late nineteenth century, especially in rural environments. The Victorian home was to be a haven of comfort and quiet, sheltered from the harsh realities of the working world. Housework took on a scientific quality, efficiency being the watchword. Children were to be cherished and nurtured. Morality was protected through the promulgation of Protestant beliefs and social protest against alcohol, poverty and the decay of urban living.

Pulling against these traditions was the sense of urgency, movement and progress so evident in the geographical, industrial, technological and political changes affecting the country. Jobs opened up in factories, retail establishments and offices, giving single women new options. Education became mandatory for both genders in many states. Women sought higher education, too, first in all female institutions and then in co-ed environments.

12 Famous Food Brands That Are Over 100 Years Old

Skip navigation. Your browser is out of date. For the best and most secure experience in our catalog, please update your browser. Shop Shop. About News Learn. Lewis and Clark use these medals in their travels across the nation with the Corps of Discovery.

Product dating back to the late s. Apr Beautiful Buildings & Homes dating back to the s in Ferndale California. This video was taken in.

The Liberto Family has been in business for more than years! The great-great-grandchildren are now hard at work creating new variations of Americas and the worlds, favorite snack foods… including nachos, tortilla chips and flavored popcorn! These mouthwatering products are sold in the U. Ricos Products Co. Nachos were first served at Arlington Stadium.

Frank started Ricos Products Co.

America’s oldest food and drink companies

On March 24, , Dr. But it is a valuable opportunity to educate the public about the devastation TB can spread and how it can be stopped. Today, our names for TB tell us where TB is located pulmonary, extrapulmonary and how to treat it drug-susceptible, drug-resistant, multidrug resistant, and extensively drug-resistant.

Hunter served his distinguished clientele living in the nearby “cottages,” perfumes and personal care products, according to the company’s website. today, but its roots go back to the early s, when the Pfaltzgraff family Brooks Brothers is the oldest clothing retailer in America, dating all the way.

South Carolina – The s Overview of the s in South Carolina Less than two decades after Independence, the turn of the century in South Carolina brought many new promises and exciting times to those willing – and unwilling – to face them. Free land, offered by newly-opened territories in western Georgia, Alabama, northern Florida, and even as far into the frontier as Mississippi, drained some parts of the state and caused considerable hardship on those choosing to stay. The War of resulted in another unpredicted stall in those coming to South Carolina directly from Europe – after , there just were no large migrations into the state until the mid-, to lates.

Due to these two factors, by the white population finally exceeded the slave population – the first time since the early decades right after Charles Town was first established. Things were not totally bleak for those who remained. Capable leaders were elected into the fledgling legislature, the governor’s office, and into the Court of Appeals – the State was in good hands, and it had great representation in the also-new Federal government with members of the U.

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The Seaport district at the lower end of Manhattan Island dates back to the s and, over a period of years, grew into one of the City’s most vital commercial centers, serving as the international gateway to New York. In , the Dutch colony of New Netherland was founded, with the town of New Amsterdam on the lower tip of Manhattan established as its key settlement.

The Manhattans, Indians of the Algonquian-Wakashan linguistic stock, did not understand European customs of property and it was not long before they came into armed conflict with the rapidly expanding Dutch settlement at New Amsterdam.

Home · Understanding Products · Why Clean; Soaps & Detergents History This history of soap is a long one, dating back thousands of years to Ancient Daily bathing was a common custom in Japan during the Middle Ages in Europe. And in Well into the 19th century, soap was heavily taxed as a luxury item in several​.

We tend to think of branding as a modern day phenomenon. Certainly, during the late s and the early s, branding emerged as a significant area of emphasis not only for companies and their products, but also for municipalities, universities, other non-profit organizations and even individuals. Branding became ubiquitous. But more interesting to me is how far back in time branding goes.

For instance, companies that sold patented medicines and tobacco began branding their products as early as the early s. Around the same time, some fraternities and sororities branded their pledges literally during initiation rites as a form of identification and bonding, a practice that has long since been identified as hazing and therefore abandoned. But that is still recent history — relatively. Between the s and s, criminals were branded again literally as a form of punishment and identification.

As repugnant as it may be to us today, slaves were also branded roughly during the same time period to connote ownership.

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The oldest constructed roads discovered to date are in former Mesopotamia, now known as Iraq. These stone paved streets date back to about B. The location in the land of the Sumerian people offered fertile soil and, with irrigation, crops and livestock were raised successfully. The Sumerians used meticulous brick-making skills, forming identical mud bricks for building.

Ricos Products Co. is the authentic home of the Game Time Nachos. Ricos Products has a colorful history dating back to the late ‘s with roots planted by​.

Dates are the delicious fruit grown from the date palm Phoenix dactylifera. Date palms are native to the Persian Gulf area of the Middle East. In the late s, the U. Department of Agriculture created a branch whose objective was to find new crops that could be economically important and introduce them to farmers, businessmen, and consumers in the United States. This was the fate of the date palm Pieters, Nelson et al, In the United States, Southern California produces the largest amounts of dates, followed by Arizona.

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Some inventions come about before their time and seem to disappear into the vacuum of history overnight, never to be seen again for ages. Like solar cells, which were first invented in by Charles Fritts , but never gained mass popularity until over a century later. What started in the s might be the computers that we know today, but they were built off an existing foundation; built upon the shoulders of the engineers that went before them.

And this definition would stick to its human counterpart for over three centuries until the s arrived. Charles Babbage himself, knowing as the Father of Computing.

Certainly, during the late s and the early s, branding emerged as a began branding their products in earnest in the mid-to-late s. found evidence of advertising among Babylonians dating back to BC.

For nearly as long as people have existed, they have been sharing, bartering, selling, and consuming resources. To trace the complete history of commerce back to its inception, we must travel to a time when wooly mammoths still walked the Earth. People exchanged cows and sheep in trade as far back as BC. The first proper currency extends as far back as BC in Mesopotamia.

The first retail stores take up the mantle a bit further down the line. By BC in ancient Greece, people had developed markets with merchants selling their wares in the Agora in the city center. These ruins are of an ancient Greek agora. People would come there not only to shop but to socialize and participate in government.

Flash forward a couple thousand years and we have our modern mammoths: retail giants like Walmart, Costco, and Target.

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